Saturday, September 27, 2008

MaRY SUe rEVOlutIOn!

It's a FAN REVOLUTION! Just like I predicted on those Mary Sue shoes. Heehe. :D. I bet none of you actually remember that post. ;D. But that's alright. :).
I'm trying to be a help in several fandom creation fronts. It could be THE AWESOME if they actually work out. One is an online radio talk show about SN. ;). I'm going to see about co-hosting along with some other great fans - and if that doesn't work out then at least I can help make some websites. That I luv to do! ;D.
Today was good, as I stated in my previous post. But I did nothing productive. *Sigh*. I'm getting really nerveous. I've gotten NO call backs on any of the jobs I've applied to. Once again, I think it's my age working against me.
On the brightside of stuff. I got to chat with my best friend! Mel is so great! *hugs* Mel. ;). :D. :D. :). :).
It's really late, so, I should get off and go to bed, but I have a headache AND my brain won't shut off so I'll probably watch some Nickelback music and then go to sleep. ;). You all have a good one!! I'll post more tomorrow! :D.