Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bored, bored, bored...and YET so much to do! lol. I have three more applications that are suppose to be filled out and then e-mailed. I'm having trouble getting my computer to write text on their documents. It's the kind that you download, open and then fill out in's not typing and I have no clue, I've kinda given up for the night. lol. ;). I'll figure it all out tomorrow.

TOMORROW!!!! The second episode of season four, Supernatural, is tomorrow! Yippie! I forgot for about an could I have done THAAT! ???? lol. Oh, well. It's fun to remember GOOD things. lol.

I miss my brothers. *Sigh*. I hope that I get to see them again soon.

I wrote a new song *Two, actually*. ;). I just have to find someone who writes sheet music and have them help me out a little bit. ;). :D> :).

My Pussycat Dolls CD came in the mail today! YEAH! I've been listening to it for the last few hours as I completed things that needed completed. Yeah.

Ummm....Horacio Cane died. I'm sad. I don't think he's really dead. He looked dead. I hope that he comes back.

Stever Coogan rocks! :D :D :D He's sooooo funny! ;). :). ;). Jensen Ackles...*Happy Sigh*. :D


Tonya said...

well, I'm glad that you got to talk to your whole family today and that it was all good. Looking at a couple of cars but going to try out the Ford Tempo but also looking at a Mazda. Don't know what it looks like as we are waiting for them to send a pic. Well, honey.... stop worrying and just start praying. To worry doesn't change anything.... anyway!
Hugs & Kisses, MOM

Ebbtide said...

Very true! Okay, well, I'll TTYL. :D. Night! I've been uber-busy on the CW SN forums tonight/this morning. I CANNOT sleep! Eurgh!!