Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I watched a lot of Dark Angel, I luv Jensen Ackles! :). Anyway, you all knew that, so it's beside the point.

Ummm. Nat-han, mom and Matt-hew ALL called me today!! How totally weird is that!?!?!? I normally don't ever hear from them all in the same WEEK, much less the same day! It was really good though. :D. Matt-hew's helping me write some music for one of my songs. ;). That's always good! lol.

I am so excited about the new episode tomorrow night! It's going to be just AWESOME! I've never been there for a new episode of the show (After the pilot, that is ;) It should be just great!

Currently, I'm typing up some of my finished short scifi stories so that I can submit them to a magazine (They were in folders in a box, so I need to get them onto my computer!).

I really hope that I get a job soon. I'm starting to worry. *Bites Nails*. It is not good. Although, on the bright side, my parents may have found me a car. It's an automatic, got good miles, cheap-ish, and it RUNS. Yippie!! Heehee. :D. :).

I hope that all is going well for all of you! Miss chatting with you, Mel, but I haven't really been on the last two days. *Shrug* I'll try and catch you later! :D. Have a great week!

This whole economy, recession thing is really, REALLY freaking me out! I wish it'd be over already! (I'm sure that's the hope of everyone else too). *Sigh*. *Wince*. I also have a headache that's been bothering me the last few days (When I get nerveous or worried or anything I tend to grind my teeth me the worst headache).

Anyway, that's all for now. Post more later! You all have a good one! ;). And watch a little Dark Angel if you can. . .it's great! *Season TWO! x5-494 wOOt! :D :D ;). :).

I wish you all a great day/night!!!!