Saturday, November 1, 2008

Things are going well this morning. I have to come up with a coherent, convincing argument for later though. Me and Mel have some differences of opinion involving the late John Winchester. I think he's a jerk, she thinks he's a hero. *Sigh*. It IS possible to be BOTH.

Anywhoo, here's a lovely pic of my favorite angel!!! :D Castiel was just awesome in TGPSW the other night! :D. He opened up to Dean and *SPOILER ALERT* told him that god had given the angels orders to follow Dean's lead. WOAH! At least, that's all I could think after he said it. *Heavy Sigh* We were SUPPOSED to see what happened to Dean in hell this last episode, but NooOOOooo. The powers that be just like screwing with us. We got some more hints and we HEARD some more flashbacks, but all we got to see was Dean's reaction to it. *Sigh*. Maybe it will be like the Hell Hounds. Maybe we never will actually see it. Kripke's a big believer in less is more. Your more scared of what you can't see, lets your imagination take over and freak you out!!!

Nat-han is down in Moscow for the weekend. He has a drill down there. Poor guy is having a mid-life crisis or something and he's not even twenty three yet. *Rolls Eyes* Siblings, sometimes I don't understand them.

Speaking of siblings, I haven't heard from Matt-hew in almost a week. Starting to worry about that dude-guy. *Frown*. I guess that he'll call when he feels like it. Until then....I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. ;).

I wrote more on my vampire story it's over on Seasoned Simile Axiom - oh! Before I forget, I added a new link over on the right awesome blog! - and I'll add more later on. ;). For now, I'm just enjoying the weekend. I have to go up to the job service office place and put in a few more job applications, but I might wait until moday. I know, bad me! I should just get right on it. *Sigh*. I'm going to finish writing my story and then I'll just have ten to go! :D :D Loving this book so far. All of the short stories are connecting so well while still being stand alone quality, in my eyes anyway. :D.

Later, peeps. I'll post more when something else happens. ;).

FOR THE RECORD, I really, really don't like John Winchester. :D. More on the "why" later. ;).


Mel said...
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Mel said...

Ebbs, you make it sound like a disaster! It's not so much that I think John's a hero (though, he is), I just don't believe he is hate-worthy. I think there are too many mitigating factors to condemn him for all his faults and short-comings. You don't like John? Fine. Doesn't bother me. You concede all my points, as I do yours, we just choose to read/interpret them differently. Either way, it is just a show--who cares if we disagree on how likable one of the characters is?


Ebbtide said...

lol. I totally agree.

Silly. :P.