Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today is going okay. I sent in some applications yesterday. Everything else I'll have to wait on. ;). I'm keeping my eye out for potential job opportunities. Checking the Job Service website daily - which is good, 'cause they're constantly adding stuff. So far I haven't been qualified, but patience has worked well for me in the past. ;). Everything that I AM qualified for I will apply for. :D. See...easy! ;).

I'm watching an NCIS marathon right now. Tony Dinozzo....hmmm.

Makes me sad every time I watch a pre-David show, because Kate's still alive. ...which always reminds me how she dies......which left me devestated for WEEKS! When it happened. . . Yeah.
I get so attached to these characters. lol. But I guess that's the job of every fangirl, right? lol. ;).

Anywhoo. I'm enjoying the day. Trying to get some writing done. Oh! I put up a new poem on Seasoned Simile Axiom that I wrote last night. It's not my typical style so I want to know if anyone actually LIKES it. :). I also put up a link to S.S.A. over there on the right. ;).

Mark Harmon. *Happy Sigh*. . . .For those of you who don't care about the actors names...he plays ... acts... whatever... the part of Gibbs. ;). Awesome! :D.

Okay, so, I'm getting back to writing. I'll post more later. I also plan on doing some drawing today. I've been ITCHING to do some drawing! ;). ;D. :D. :).

You all have a super-great day!!!!

*Hugs* Mel. You're the best!!!!! :) !!!!! :) Our talk really helped me out. ;). Paradigm shift. :D.


Mel said...

No problem, my friend. Be sure to apply for positions willing to train you, also, ok? Love ya!