Friday, September 5, 2008

I got rid of my boredom. The result is over on Seasoned Simile Axiom - you can find it through my profile. ;D. I should put up a link on the right anyway....maybe tomorrow.

It's getting late and I have to get up and go to my last day of work tomorrow. Ugh.

Anyway, yeah. The day ended up not being so bad. ;). I got some really encouraging e-mails and I got to chat with my bestest friend in the whole entire, huge, wide world! Yeah! :D :D :D!!!!

I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. And the subsequent search for employment. ;).

Comment on my S.S.A if you I just realized that the initials for Seasoned Simile Axiom spells "ass" backwards.....?.....Hmmm. lol. I think that's funny. Okay, waaay to tired right now I'm starting to not make much sense. Ugh. Double, ugh.

I don't want to go to sleep, I'm listening to good music. ;). Who wants to quit that?
Night for now, World. :D.

ooooh! THOSE shoes are my dream shoes. My Grammie told me to just get them if I like them that much...then I told her they cost over a hundred dollars...and then she told me "so, get them anyway" Grammie's cool! ;)


TLC's said...

WoW, those are some shoes. So, Are you going to get them? When/Where would you wear them? Well, like my mom said ....If you really like them I guess you should get them.
Let me know if you get them. you can post a pic.

Have a Good Sabbath!
Matthew is home this weekend. Poor guy is having girl problems. I hope he gets it worked out. He is a little down and out right now.
Have a Great Day at work tomorrow!

Ebbtide said...

Girl Problems run in the family. lol. :).

Yeah, I'd wear them EVERYWHERE!!! They're awesome! :D. lol. jk. Probably I'd get some dresses to go with. ;).