Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hey, things here have been going okay. ;D. Better than they have been, not as well as I would like. ;). All in all...good. Yep. I would say things are good.
I have two more days of work before I join the ranks of the unemployed. Yippie for me *Sarcasm*. I shouldn't have a problem finding somethign else within the next couple of weeks. . . um, right? Right. Okay, no pessimism. Only optimistic thoughts here. ;). On this post anyway. lol.
I sent in an application to NIC for a spring start on the college front. I'll be mailing them a check with the fee tomorrow and then it's taking the Compass Test in town. Yeah. *Again, Sarcasm*.
I love progress.
Dude, I'm feeling so sarcastic and snarky tonight it's just weird!! lol. I guess it's a good thing that I'm going to bed as soon as I'm done writing/posting this post. lol. :).
I hope that you guys had a good couple of days - I know I've been absent from the computer-world for the last little bit. My back has been hurting really bad and I just didn't feel like doing anything.
I think that I'm getting back into my Quantum Physics phase. lol. :). That was fun - I guess it'll be fun again! lol.
I bought Nat-han's bus ticket for San Frencisco tonight. Two way. Drained my bank account a lot! I've got less than two hundred with EVERYTHING combined (Saddly, that includes my credit card *Shakes Head*). No worries, though, I have two more paychecks coming. ;). It'll be all good. Just wait and watch and see. :D.
Anyway, back hurts, I'm tired. Long day. Too hard to compose sentences anymore. Must sleep. Night, guys! Later. ;). I'll post something super-awesome tomorrow! :).