Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well, I'm off to work in under an hour. *Yawn*. I was up until really late last night watching Season Two of Angel. Loved it!! :D. I still think Season Three is my fav. so far out of what I've watched, but there are some really GREAT Wes, Gun, Cordy moments in Season Two. :). Fun, fun, fun.

Nat-han came over yesterday and ended up spending the night. ;). Awesome! Being able to visit with him finally. :). Yesterday was also Matt-hew's birthday. We talked on the phone for a long time - well, it alternated between him talking to me and him talking to Nat-han.

I hope you all have a great day. ;). *Hugs* To all my friends!

I'm starting out the day in a lot of pain so I'm sure that work is going to be rough. I might not get back online depending on how badly the day goes. *Shrug*. Either way, I'll post more later - be it today or sometime after that. :).


ME said...

I'm glad Nathan showed up since no one could get ahold of him!!! Did you ask him about that???? What are we to do IF it was an emergency? By the way when is he leaving for Calif again? Sorry your in such pain this morning. Take it easy today!!! Try ice packs while you relax...maybe that will help some. I sure wish you could go in and use the tense unit. Praying for you! ~ ME ~

Ebbtide said...

Well, ME, I had the most awful day ever...Inspection and EVERYTHING! Ice packs sounds really good, but I'm too sore to go get them. lol.

Nat-han is going on the seventh of next month and I'm probably going to be paying for it again - through no fault of his own he owes a TON of money (Over $8,000.00) so he probably can't afford his own ticked. Definitely can't.

Anywhoo. He said we are suppose to call Wendi's number and leave a message. Ummm. He was gone all week working at a fair or something. *Shrug* But he should be at Wendi's now. ;).

I'll watch movies and be happy. ;). Thanks for commenting!!!! :D