Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today Was Good

Well, today was a good day. ;). Everything went smoothly and so that's wonderful. :). I'm enjoying some much-needed down time right now...watching as many X5-494 youtube clips as I can get my hands on! :D. Lovely Jensen. *Happy Fangirl Sigh*. I should write him a letter. *Stares off into space*.

Anywhoo, I'm not doing much other than that. I work tomorrow and then I get two days off. I will probably end up hanging out with someone (But there's always the chance I'll just ignore every living soul and stay in my room!). lol. I cannot wait to get paid! I'm getting all nervous not having money - even though I KNOW it's coming any day. I wish it'd get here already! lol. :). I'm sure everyone on Earth feels the same about their paychecks.

Heehee. I tried posting a story to the WRONG fanfiction site! lol. *Smacks forehead*. That's just how turned around I was yesterday. *Shakes head*. That's why there was no blog post - sorry, 'bout that, btw. :D but I'm back now so it's all good.

I'm going to play on my keyboard for a while - try to come up with some new music. ;). Post more later - oooh! I drew some more pics. I might post them up today if I feel like it. If not, then probably tomorrow. You all have a great day!

Luckily, I think hoopfest is over! Yeah. ;). Not that I don't mind a little sports now and then, but they shut down MY main st. for it. ;). lol. Now it's back! Yeah. :D...