Thursday, August 14, 2008


Okay, so my take on Heroes. You ready for this? lol.

I think that Peter Petrelli is given an almost Christian Bale feeling by Milo Ventimiglia....In some of the darker future scenes he's almost Christian Bale in Batman Begins! lol. Especially in the scene where he saves Hiro and Ando from the interrogation. The dark coat, the slicked back, long hair, the intense eyes and the SWORD! How totally taken was that?!!?!? lol. ;).

Anyway, I am a HUGE Hiro and Ando fan. Loved them from the word "spock". lol. :D.

I don't get the whole Jessica thing. That entire family is just . . . .good, but weird. The father's ability is really great though. Moving through objects! Awesome.

Claire is probably one of the better parts of the show, although Nathan is just great! I love the brotherly love/distrust thing that goes on throughout the first season and then that finale. Woah! That finale.



.......I'm still reeling. And DYING to see season two. Yep, it's official. I'm hooked. ;). But we ALL knew that was going to happen, didn't we. Come on, lets be honest with ourselves. Yeah? lol. Right.

;). :). :D.

**Quick Side Note: Ihadagooddayatworktoday. ItwasjustalittlebitunnervingtoknowthataslongasIstaythereIwillbeinthis
horriblepain. IthinkI'vedecidedtomoveonandseekotheremploymentwithoutthebenefitofthisjob. Yeah,thatmeansthatI'mgoingtoquitmyjobbytheendofthemonth.Whether
I'vefoundsomethingelseornot. WishMeLuck. **End Quick Sidenote. ;).

I hope that you all have a wonderful day/night/evening!!! :). I'm tired and am going to bed. ;). Night, all!


TLC's said...

glad you had a good day. Soo, do you think we would like the show? Matt rented a movie and we all liked it. called Searching for Bobbie Fischer. about a 7 yr boy who excells at Chess. But you know us... into the family thing! Keep me posted on how the job search goes. Good Luck!
~ ME ~

Ebbtide said...

Yeah, you'd much like it. ;D.