Friday, August 8, 2008

Just started a load of laundry. I am so exhausted. . .Tired beyond measure. Yep.

Well, I was right. Today I had half a gazillion rooms to clean. ;). Two of them were rooms where the people had stayed with dogs...then there was a suite. Yeah. I'm tired. But I got them all done ON TIME, no less. ;).

I think I'm not going to stay on this job long. Just long enough to get my paycheck - pay my HUGE Internet bill (The first bill is double!!). Then I'll maybe settle back and look for something that I can do without causing myself an inordinate amount of pain.

Other than the tiredness and pain, the day went very well. My Grammie was all wonderful and surprised me by buying my Death Note book from the store while I was in work and then she planted it on the front seat of my car!!! What a wonderful thing to see when you're walking to your car after a long day of work. lol. I was crossing the parking lot thinking about my book and about how much I didn't want to stop at the store - but I WANTED the book! lol. Then I opened the door and viola! Problem solved. My Grammie is wonderful, as previously stated. :D.

I am going in for a job interview and possible training on monday. It's a home publishing business. Should be interesting. I sent in my application and the guy gave me a call. It's early monday (I now have Sun. and Mon. off, because they changed my schedule again ;). Anyway, mostly he wants someone who can help him with the Internet/Web business thang. ;). I'll see what I can offer and then we'll go from there. I just want a job that doesn't KILL MY BACK.

So, I hope the day has been going well for all of you! I'll post more later...maybe. I'm pretty tired. I might just get some movies and watch them and sleep. Yeah, sleep sounds really nice. *ZZZzzZZZZzzzZZZZZ*.

Later. ;).


jlegosama said...

Ooh a graphic design job! how I wish I could have one of those. Lol 2 more years, hopefully. Until then I'm stuck working at blockbuster while i earn my degree.

hope the interview goes well~!

Ebbtide said...

Thanks! I hope it goes well...too. ;).

Blockbuster? Woah! *Glomps* I luv Blockbuster - actually, the more appropriate statement would be 'I luv movies'. lol. Whatever. ;).

I'm sure that you'll get everything that you need/want in the future! I have confidence in you. ;).