Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just got back from the store. Got water. Dude, I get waaaaaay too much water. *Raises Eyebrow in QUESTION* Is that bad for my health? That I drink so much water? Mel, what's your take? Everyone else around here NEVER drinks water and I go through two cases a week. . . hmmm. *Looks Around in WORRY*.

I think I'm going to work on my script. Yeah. It's good. I'm writing a movie script about a Super-Fan. And by that, I mean someone who is a fanboy, basically. ;). lol. A little Harry Stue action going on. lol. :D. Who doesn't enjoy that??

Well, I should probably check my e-mail and then sign off for the night. I'm exhausted from work today. Back hurts worse than ever. *Winces* It's not cool, people. Oh well. . . No worries, I'll be fine. ;). I'm a tough cookie, remember! lol.

I got to talk with both of my brothers and my mom today. My mom is going on a trip to Oregon tomorrow. I hope that goes well.

Me. I'm just going to work tomorrow. *Gag*. Don't want to. *Whines*. Need fourth season of Supernatural! I'm dying on season three reruns! AND I MISSED A SUPERNATURAL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! *Rants to Self*. I wanted to see that one so bad. Saw clips on youtube and then my TV got stupid and didn't record my episode! Got the next weeks epie though. ;). All of them, except THAT one. It's 'cause I was at my mom's that weekend and I wasn't here to make sure the programming didn't get fluxed with while I was gone.

Well, frell, I thought I was just going to post a short little "Goodbye, for the night" post and it turned into this amalgamation of ... everything. (Best kind ;). lol. Later. Have a good one, all. *Wink*.