Monday, August 4, 2008

Honey, I'm Home

I just got back from work. Exhausted! I had more rooms than I've EVER HAD took me forever. Anyway, at least the day is over and I can relax! Finally.


I did not expect cleaning hotel rooms to be this.......trying. It's because we have supply issues, which are currently being dealt with by our intrepid leader. She's great. I like her. :). Guess it's a good thing she's my boss, huh? lol. :).

Other than that, I've got some yaoi that I'm reading today. Trying to decide if I'm official into it or not. lol. OF COURSE I am. ;). I think. Not sure just yet. I really like Legal Drug (A yaoi manga that I'm reading) and Seven is a bit iffy. I LOVE the characters, drawing, dynamic of Legal Drug! OOOoooh!!! My next book in the King Of Hell series is in! I'm going to sit down with that too a little later.

I think I'm going to just buy season two of Dark Angel. I keep watching all the clips I can find with Alec a.k.a. X5-494 , but it just isn't worth taking up my downloading space to watch them if I could pay a little money and OWN THEM! Jensen Ackles is freakin' worth it. ;). (*Little scarecrow reference there...)

I hope to enjoy the rest of my day. I might post up a few more of my drawings. *Shrug*. I might not. Time will tell. ;). Until later, hang tough, fellas.


Mel said...

*patpat* Well done, Ebbs! Keep up the hard work. Though, I'm tempted to say I wanna trade you jobs (see blog).

Ebbtide said...


jlegosama said...

mm yaoi :) you must tell me if they are any good. I haven't been reading much of it lately D:

Ebbtide said...

Legal Drug is VERY GOOD! :D