Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good Morning, Universe. ;). I just woke up a few minutes ago. *Yawn*. Tired. Stayed up all night with Nat-han AND Matt-hew watching movies. We saw The Ruins (Don't bother watching it if you think you might be interested, not worth it - but we got some good laughs at the plot :) and we watched Appleseed Ex Machina which was awesome if you're into anime. :).

I'm going to get ready for work in a few minutes. Both of my brothers spent the night last night, which was totally awesome!! :). Missed those guys so much, and now I've got them BOTH for a couple more hours. Matt-hew leaves tomorrow morning so I'll get to hang out with him some more after work today. Hmmm.

Thinking I should take him somewhere cool. But where?
We already went out to eat and went shopping and watched movies and ate ice cream. Nothing left on the list. LOL.

I am so not looking forward to work today - hope I only get a few rooms. I am in a lot of back pain today (I know, you all are tired of hearing that, right? Sorry. *Sigh*).

You all have a wonderful day!!! :D :D *Glomps Mel*.


TLC's said...

hey, did you ever call the guy about the other job? Well, I'm praying for another job for you so you won't have so much back pain. Love ya, ~ MOM ~

Ebbtide said...

Hope that I get one. And, yeah, mom, I called the guy. ;).