Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Day Was Good

After lunch I just stayed around home and hung out. Got some movie watching done. LOVED Hairspray. First time I'd watched it, loved it! And I'm not "normally" a musical person....I mean, movie musicals. ;).

I played around on my piano. I think, if I can get my webcam working on my laptop, I'll take some vids of me playing some original pieces and get them on youtube. :).

My friend came by this afternoon and was here for about an hour. We made plans to go out to lunch tomorrow. At an oriental restaurant. First time I've been there. *Shrug*.

I got Vantage Point in the mail today. Haven't watched it yet. I'm busy listening to The Used and Buckcherry. ;). I think I'll watch Stardust or Hairspray again and then call it a day. Tomorrow is my last day off and then it's another week of work. *Sigh*. My back's been hurting real bad the last few weeks. This job is just not physically good for me - but on the bright side I'm FINALLY losing that weight. ;). lol. I'm loving that! :D. But I'd sacrifice a few pounds for less pain any day of the week. .. ..Yeah.

Saw The third Mummy movie! Loved Jonathon. Who doesn't? Him and Brendan Fraiser are only the MOST AWESOME! Good special effects in the movie and some really great/funny moments. Worth checking out. :).

Isn't Heath Ledger in that new Batman movie??? I haven't seen yet. . .anyone got a Dark Knight review they want to share with me???

Well, that's all for now. I'm getting tired, it's been a long day of nothingness. lol. Post more later. ;) You all have a great day! Or evening. ;D...