Monday, August 18, 2008

Angel...My Angel

I just rented season three of Angel (Never watched the show before in my life - in fact, I had NOOO idea that it was related to Buffy OR created by Joss for that matter!!!) because I felt like it. ;). Sound like me? Yeah. Anyway, totally luvin' it! ;). I recommend it for anyone who likes either Deep Space Nine or Dark Angel (Preferably BOTH since it's got a nice combo...doesn't hurt if you're a Buffy, Charmed fan either ;).

I liked it. Loved it. Enjoyed every moment of it and there's still one more disc to watch tomorrow. I didn't have time to watch them all since I really have to get to bed right now. I've got work tomorrow.

Tomorrow's the big day..The day that I somehow tell my boss that I quit in two weeks. Yeah. That'll be loads of fun. Hmmm. Awkward moments are on my horizon, I can see them now *Shades eyes against the brightly unpleasant scenarios to focus on a hopeful outcome*. :). Wish me luck, people.

On the quitting and on the getting another job. Which just HAS to happen sometime soon afterward. I heard back from the library. They have a special application that I have to bring in despite the resume/references I already gave to them. It'll be good. I'll get to it after work sometime.

BTW, the weather here has been so hot it's ridiculous! Absolutely, ridiculous.

I'm tired, it's late. I will share more in the morning. OoooH! Drew a lot today! Yeah. More pen on paper. ;).