Sunday, April 27, 2008

Going Good!!!

Well, here's the scoop on my life at the moment. ;)

I'm acquiring an apartment this week. I am going car shopping tomorrow. I have a full-time graveyard job that pays 8.64 hr. and I'm finished with my book!!


Oh. And I got a new credit card, an ear piercing and I dyed my hair a really awesome shade of natural red. :). Yes, my life is looking up - if it wasn't for lack of Internet access (Too expensive for my current budget).

I hope to soon rectify that particular situation...erm, I'll be getting the Internet soon. ;).

I am living with my Grammie - that is until around Thursday when I'll be able to start moving my stuff into the apartment. I have to wait for the paperwork to clear and all that jazz. ;).

I am at home with the parents right now trying to sort through my room full of stuff that I left here...trying to decide what I don't need anymore, what I want to replace and what I REALLY don't want to accidentally forget and leave here. ;). I've been up all night. lol. Which is probably good since I work graveyard I won't get my schedule all messed up. ;).

I really hope that everyone is doing okay. I really miss talking and chatting with my friends. E-mails are so addictive. ;). :D.

I wish you all the best until I can speak/write with you again. *HUGS*. :). You all have a super-fantastic week!! TTYL. :).