Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Frelling Blanket...Yeah. That One!

You all know about THAT blanket. The one I've been working on really hard...for the last forever. Right?? You remember the one??? Well, it's just a few hours away from done and I wanted to get some before and after. I'll post the after right before I wrap it up for Christmas. ;). Let me know what you think. I did not have a pattern or fixed idea about this when I started...and now that I'm almost finished I'm still in that same position. lol. It was all spontaneous, random and hard. :). It's going to go to my Great-Grammie!! She's really cool. :). I like her a lot. :D. Anyway, without further ado, here's them pic's. ;).

I'm really, really tired and am now going to bed. ;). You all have a great night and morning and week. :).

***There are eight squares missing in this pic. Because I hadn't yet got them in when I took the picture. No worries, they'll be there. ***


Mel said...

Sweet. Nicely done, Ebbs.

Ebbtide said...

Why thank you! :). *Hugs*. I really needed to hear that after all the work that I put into it. :). lol. It's not a bed blanket, btw, it's a person blanket. That's why it's smaller. :). I've had to explain that to my mom several times. ;). lol. You have a great day!

Manasa said...

Wow Tina, that's a beautiful blanket. I'm sure your Grammie's going to absoutely love it. I LOVE IT!!! I wish you gifted that to me. ;D. It's really really nice!

Ebbtide said...

Thank you, Manasa. :). :D. If it didn't take so long I'd do one for you!!