Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This year, Mivoden was just amazing! We got to see some very godly women going about their business converting...others. lol. It was great! Our speaker was Esmie....she was really nice and I liked her a lot. I have a few pictures of what was going on around there. Take a peek. ;).

This is the cross where we actually had to nail - with real nails and hammers! - our hearts to this wooden cross!! Talk about real. Whew!

Me, in my infinite (yeah, right) wisdom, left an uplifting message for others in Elvish. Hmmm. Wonder what good THAT'S going to do!??? ;).

Then there is the door. . .The DOOR. :). All of us - except my mom, 'cause she was busy being so nice - made little signs for our door. lol. :). Mine was the A-Peace sign at the top in blue. ;). lol. It was fun!!

I really liked my roommates this year. They were nice, even though I wasn't for some of the time. Oops! I got nicer though as the weekend progressed. ;). No worries.

Then there's the Sunday sunrise that I took a picture of outside our room. :). We had a GREAT view!!! :).

It was a really wonderful weekend and I was on the edge of tears through it all. God was really present. :D. It was great!!! Spiritual food. Mmmmm! :).