Sunday, October 7, 2007

Matt-hew and Friends

As mentioned, Matt-hew had a Football game today!! His team lost, but he did some great plays. :) I'm not really certain about the rules of the game since I haven't really been a big Football watching fan. ;) Not to say I don't like the game - I like most all sports. :D.

Anyway, his team lost, but all of the players did their best and so I was really proud of him even if he didn't win. It's not about winning, is it? Right!. . .We got to hang out in his dorm room afterwards. :) Not for long, I just wanted to get home after such a long game. lol. But it was still fun to meet his friends and stuff. :). They are a lot of fun!!! His roommate, Ron, is pretty nice. Mature too. Yep, definently a good roommate. Matt-hew was really good about the entire thing. :D. I have such great brothers. lol. ;)

So, I got some pictures and some vids. Matt-hew's player number was 63. :) So, he's the redhead that you see the back of in most of the pictures. lol. He was so *focused* on the game it was hard to get a good picture of him. lol. :). Still, I think I managed it. ;)