Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The No Good, Very Bad, Awful Day

Okay, contrary to this post's title, I had a very good day today. :D. Things have been going well as far as my writing is concerned. Mermaid Sisters is well over half-way finished and by far the longest story I have written to date. :)! Thanks to Heat Wave - which challenged me to write a long, complete story and also thanks to my best friend, Mel, who insisted that I actually *FINISH* something! lol. ;) Thanks, Mel.

Me and my mom were in town for most of the day, but I was able to work a little bit on my digital painting. It was lol. Very fun, actually!! I'll post something as soon as I have it completely finished. I am hoping to make something along the lines of Kyra79's art. That would make my week! :) :).

So I also have a poster to finish. Ugh. I've been working on getting the thing finished for almost four MONTHS. It's starting to annoy that I haven't finished it yet - something not entirely my fault. ;) lol. I have a deadline now. Tuesday of this next week. So maybe that will motivate me. :).

I have been watching a LOT of X-Files this week. :D. I love X-Files!! Mulder and Scully are so *cute* together. lol. They just cannot help it! :) I'll probably make a post just for that show sometime in the future.

Have a great week! :)