Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Deathly Hallows

Okay, here it is, I warned you all! *SPOILERS* MY REVIEW...for the Deathly Hallows - book number 7 for those of you who have lost track. ;)!

I will start out with a small, general review. Here goes:
I LOVED IT! Doesn't get much smaller...or more general than that. :). The writing was superb, as we all expected. lol. The story itself I thought was the best so far...YES. The absolute best so far! (I had previously held The Order of The Phoenix to be the best book and it is still my fav.)

The Deathly Hallows brings and entirely new view to all 6 of the books that came before it.
Okay, anway, moving onward. ;). I loved the book and there were a few points in it that I was ready to just give up and not read anymore - but, of course, I couldn't exactly DO that...EVER! lol. But I got quite sad with a few of the deaths.

Dobby's brought me to tears. And I mean real tears....I don't really cry that often unless I'm freaking out over something so for me to cry over a book character for real is a pretty big deal for me. Dobby, I am unashamed to say, was my second favorite character next to Severus. I've just got a soft-spot for house-elves. lol. :). So when he died and Harry insisted on burying him...I was just so sad. I almost could not go on, but then my morbid fascination took over and I HAD to know who else was going to die.
Fred's death and Remu's and Tonk's also hit me hard. Strange that Severus' death didn't. Hmmm? Not sure why....I think it's because we knew he was going to die before it actually happened. We had a very slight warning. Whereas with Dobby, Fred, Remus and Tonks we had NO IDEA that it was going to happen. With all of the advanced, elf magic that Dobby was doing I was NOT expecting him to be felled by a knife.

It just really hit me hard...just like it hit Harry, I'm assuming.
Long and short, I LOVED IT! lol. It was a fantastic book with waaay too many details to put into one blog post. :D.

LOVING what I know of OOTP so far. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT! *Squee* It'll be sooo cool. I think it'll be all the better for the wait. :D. TTYL. Have a great day, world.