Sunday, September 9, 2007

Daniel SG-1 Recs

Okay, so my best friend asked me to look up some Daniel Jackson Fic Recs for her. ;) And I thought that I would post links to them here so that you can enjoy them - if you just happen to also like the wonderful archaeologist. :D. Without further ado, here's the list:

Abby And Ratboy by L.E McMurray

After Everything We've Been Through by Kaz

After The Holiday by Scribe

Almost by Niya

Alone In The Crowd by Jkricket

Altered Images by Athene

The Ninja Series:

One by Thel

Two by Thel

Three by Thel

Angel Kisses by JoaG

Another Step Beyond by Jmas (The *best* Daniel & Jack fic writer out there! ...For gen.)

Battlefields by Ellen Caldera

In The Depths of Silence by Jb

Fall of Angels by Corby

Whipping Boy 101 by Lex

Blood Bond by DawnC

Ice by DawnC

Blood Tide by Sunrise

This one is REALLY a team fic...but it's a great one with wonderful Daniel whumping spots!:

Bright Lights, Big Planet by Blue Bunny

Broken Arrow by JoaG

Midnight In The Garden Of Drunk And Sober by Paige42

Choose Your Battles by Brionhet

Circles And Stones by Beebee


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just seen your recs, and bowled over to see Bright Lights on there. Glad you enjoyed it, and looking forward to working my way through the rest of your list.