Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello World

Hello World,
Contrary to popular belief, I do more than just listen to cool music. In the last few weeks I have been working on several novels. They are Fantasy/Mythological pieces that are just a blast to work on! :)

The characters are morphing themselves a bit and at least one of the plots is doing strange and unpredicted things. lol. It's amazing to watch the evolution of a story take place. I have added a sister in one of the stories and it made SENSE after that. lol. I have been struggling to figure out what is wrong with this story for yeaaars...because I knew that something did not feel right about how it. So, I took out the mother, added the sister and voila! It works now. :)

In another, I am working on in my spare time when I'm to tired to work on the others, I totally changed the plot. Instead of killing my character for real, I put her in a virtual simulation of heaven. :) Worked out so much better and I really like the way that story shaped into a mystery thriller where once a religious drama had been born. :)

You'll notice that I don't actually POST a lot of my writing...well, that's because I want it to stay mine and not get kidnapped and renamed. :) If you are interested in reading some sections of my writing just give me an e-mail. :) I'd be happy to send you a bit of it.

Until later, World!


Live Out Loud said...

Your novels sound quite interesting. (I'd like to read some of your stuff, by the way.) I know what you mean about the stories morphing themselves into something else. Something you may never even have thought of and it works better than what you'd originally planned - and then you end up asking yourself who is actually coming up with these things.
In talking about my writing process, I've actually credited my characters for coming up with ideas. I say they write themselves. So, I wonder...since I created those characters, their ideas are mine, right?

Ebbtide said...

LOL. I should credit the characters! Good thinking. It's true too! I had a butler character that was basically begging me to get rid of him...okay, that sounds sad and strange. lol. I also had a princess that wanted to be an elf-human. That turned out quite well once I instituted the changes. :)

As for my writingl, you can find it @ my website: