Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Day in Recycled World

Hey, World, just wanted to put up a post today. . .things are NOT, I repeat, NOT going slow for me here in the little town of Plummer.

I have been doing a lot of different things ...but to my great sadness I cannot share them with you as my camera has been hijacked by my two brothers. They took off for a week and took it WITH them. Uggh. You'd think they'd tell a woman before doing something like that...right? Well, they didn't so now I'm stuck here typing away instead of showing you what I have been up to - which is what I would LIKE to do!

I have a new picture that I am working on. It's a dragon. My first dragon. I named him Edgar...he's green at the moment, but I am still working on digitally painting him. . .so he might morph into a different color once I get all of the scales finished. My brother, Nat-han, wanted me to make him feathered with furry wings...a little backwards, I thought. lol. Brothers! Anyway, I think that he was picturing the dragon from Eragon when he said that. Siphera started out pretty cute. (*I KNOW I spelled her name wrong, sorry)

So, other than the drawing I have also been learning Latin...again. I did not get very far the first time because I got distracted with Spanish and Tengwar...but now I am back on track and learning my way through the beatiful language. It really is a nice language and certainly much easier than some of the others I have tried. German and Russian, for instance, are very difficult languages for me to master! It would help if I actually had some kind of verbal reference to work from instead of just books. Reading different languages usually is not a problem, but speaking them can be if you don't have any way to access - 'sides the web, of course - the sounds.

I have joined a new group. Started this week. It's called Toastmasters and despite the name it has nothing whatsoever to do with cooking. It is a group that helps you with public speaking. Yep, I will soon be able to speak in public. lol. ;) JK. So, I went to one meeting so far that our town just started. It was GREAT! I had a lot of fun and the lady starting it has been doing it for a very long time and I was able to learn a lot just by watching her presentations. I love to learn!

I have also been working on some stories....I had to stop writing yesterday because of my brother's leaving. HE TOOK THE LAPTOP ALL OF MY WRITING WAS ON! Eeeeeeek. Or, more accurately, Neek!

Since then I have just been mainly reading and working on Latin, as I mentioned. I worked at the library...speaking of the library, some stupid teenager put firecrackers in the book drop and BLEW IT UP! Neek. It was new too. Some people just do not respect the library. . .or other people's personal property...or anything. I hate firecrackers. They are loud and noisy and they give me a migraine and - OOOOOH! That reminds me...Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!!

Our family doesn't celebrate it. Really we don't celebrate much of anything, but that is neither here nor there as my dear Jackson would say. Anyway, things are okay here.

The weather has been pretty good.

Oh, Eeek! I'm so bored I'm starting to talk about the is that?? Okay, I'll think of something more interesting to write about.

One of our dogs had puppies this last week. They're ugly and they make a lot of noise. I don't like really, really small puppies. They're okay once they've reached several months, but until then I don't like them.

I really, really like Will and Grace. That show can make me laugh even when I am feeling the most down. I was feeling kinda sad yesterday so I watched a few episodes and it was wonderful! I love that show...*Happy smile*.....*Contented sigh*.

I cannot believe that Stargate SG-1 is over. I don't think that I'll ever watch the last episode EVER again. I watched it once and it was awful! How could they end the most wonderful show in the world like that??? They killed them ALL and they even killed the Asgaard...then they made it so they went back in time and stopped the whole thing from happening in the first place. Which means that I had to watch my wonderful characters (Daniel!!!) die for over an hour just to have it never happen. And Daniel and Vala got "together" in that episode. Uggh! How wrong is that!!! It should be Jack or Sha're or ....nothing. I suppose there is hope for a Daniel/Sam if worst came to worst. They have chemistry, but it is more for a brother sister than a boyfriend girlfriend kind of relationship. Sorry about the Jack/Daniel for you nonslashers out there. I know that some people find it offensive. You should read Orrymain's stories. They are fantastic without being smarmy and disgusting. She makes them a family of love and not of...well...anything disgusting. Whatever you might think that is. Anyway, enough of my slash rant. ;) I'll save you from having to put up with more.

I am trying to find a job. I'm looking, searching, trying to get one. I have GOT TO MOVE OUT OF THIS PLACE and into a place of my OWN! Neek. I've been here so long and wanted to get out for so long, but I have real issues. Ones that most people don't want to help me with. My fear of driving - I am terrified of driving, for those of you not in the know - makes it hard for me to get a job any further away than Plummer. I just freak out when I have to drive farther and it is really hard on me emotionally. Unfortunately, most people don't understand that it really is hard and they think that I'm blowing it out of proportion or whatever! Makes me mad. I do have a very, very special bestest friend who totally understands. It's only because of her that I can drive the distances that I can. You should check out her blog. Mel's blog is on the left there somewhere. ;) She's the best!!!

Well, I have babbled and prattled and typed on for long enough and I have some stuff to go clean in my house. Just wanted to talk with someone for a while, so you guys are my sounding board. lol.

BTW, I found a great comic that you should check out if you are into comics at all. (* Earth Song) Type it into a search engine and it'll come up. It's great! Fantasy and great!!! Have a great day and, once again, Happy Fourth of July!!!


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Aw...!!! You are too kind!!! *blush*

Now, down to business. I LIKE Daniel and Vala together in Season 10, thank you very much. And as much as I adore both Jack (I LOOOVE Jack, but you knew that) and Daniel, I just can't see them as a couple. Perhaps just stubbornness.

Well... yeah.