Monday, April 9, 2007

Today: Movie Moment

I was lucky enough to see 300 this last Saturday - with Nat-han, no less! - and I wanted to tell all of you who haven't seen it yet that it was so good. Really fantastic!!! The actors. the story, the filming, the action ...everything was perfect. However, there is a reason that it rated R. Lots of blood, guts, gore, sex, abuse, weird images, etc. run rampant in this movie, but it still turned out good. I LOVED the last, like, second of it...great stuff!

While I was at my Grammies, I had the opportunity to see the Lethal Weapon series again - it's been about a year since I've seen them - and I've just got to tell you that I fell in love with Rig's character all over again. Those movies will last FOREVER. Sirius-ly. FOREVER. I hope that they make a sequel while they still can.

I've heard about a Die Hard sequel..that will be cool!!! I luve Bruce and the Die Hard movies (Especially One and Three) were just great. Samuel L. Jackson did good on the third one!

I got to see the two Librarian movies that I've seen commercials for EVERYWHERE, they sucked. The guy was much too over the top in his acting.

Okay, I've gotta get off - storms gone, BTW, and I didn't get zapped. ;). Still, I've got stuff to do so until later! Namarie...