Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today: Fic-Talk

Okay, people, you all know that I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. Read the books, watch the movies, write the stories, search the internet for all the pictures, news, stories, sites I possibly can that have anything to do with my favorite characters. I want to spend a few minutes introducing my favorite characters from the series.

First and foremost...*drumroll*...Severus Snape, the snarky Death Eater turned spy. I enjoy reading stories where he is the central role surrounded by much angst and orphan Potter. Sevitus, Severitus and Guardian Fics are my favorite. In these Harry is either the biological or adopted son of Snape. For those of you who've only ever known the have missed a wonderful fandom.

The best site for Snape/Harry friendship stories or Snape/Harry enemy stories (The / in this sentence does not refer to Slash. This site is Gen) is:

Really one of the best sites out there for Harry Potter fanfiction. At least, the kind I'm into. I also like stories about Harry growing up after the fall of Voldemort (The-Dark-lord). I might post some of my favorites here for any of you that are remotely interested - and definently for those of you who are as obsessed as I am!

Snape has such a tragic past...and present, for that matter. lol. I cannot help but luv his character. Especially when the writer throws him in the good light. Not making him all fluffy as a character, but showing that even though his life is SO HARD, he does the right thing and keeps going back to Voldemort so that the Order can stay a step ahead.

At the moment I am working on a Snape/ Harry Guardian fic that is coming along splendidly. in true form to what I like to read, I am killing Voldemort very early on, throwing Snape and Harry into a family situation and then letting them grow up together for the rest of the story. Snape has just as much to learn about family as Harry does. Harry was abused for most of his childhood by his ungrateful Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon (Not to mention the whale Dudley) and then he spends most of his school years trying to fight off Death Eaters (disguised as DADA teachers, of course) and my story is going to take place out of school. The summer is just ending, and on the eve of the school year Voldemort attacks Hogwarts and Harry defeats him...really it wasn't even a great feat or anything like in some stories - just a right time, right place sorta moment. Then the real story begins with Harry trying to figure out exactly what he suppose to do now that he no longer has visions or a link to the dark lord. He starts to feel like he doesn't even really have a purpose. Nobody wants anything from him anymore and he doesn't know what to do with his life now......then Snape enters (Well, he'll start coming around anyway) and together they learn how to move on. Snape has a similar problem, because even though he was never mentally linked to Voldemort, the physical link was still there - his arm tattoo (The Dark Mark) and he too has to get used to the fact that EVERYTHING...the WHOLE WIZARDING WORLD has changed in a very short amount of time. Because of Voldemort's defeat, the school takes a few months off so that the Order members can just relax and get back into a "normal" routine before school starts up again, and that is the time that I write my story in. Those few months will completely transform Harry and Snape. At least, that is my high hopes for this story.

Well, enough fic-talk for one day. ;).

*BTW, Severus Snape is played by the amazing actor Alan Rickman in the Harry Potter movies. He is SO great. Exactly how I pictured Snape from the books! It's kinda funny, I watched Sense and Sensibility for the first time not long ago and Alan played one of the dude-guys in the movie. He was so nice and romantic and then I go into the other room where Harry Potter is playing and see him as the "greasy git" - as Ronald Weasley calls him - and it was just, like, weird. yeah. Okay, signing off now! =). Sirius-ly. XiaoGui did the pic in permanent marker. Great job! Found it on