Monday, April 9, 2007

Today: Computer, Computer

Well, I beat those computer fairies off and now have full internet access and my programs have been reinstalled. Unfortunately, the worst thing of all, I lost every single one of my pictures. I had waaaay too many to save to a disc. and as of yet I have not invested in a external hardrive / thumb drive. So, I lost about 3, 000 pictures!!! That I am not happy about.

Okay, today I am cleaning my room. That is, like, amazing for me. I usually clean everything BUT my room.

I worked on an original story using my brother's (Nat-han's - you can catch a picture of him on my Sibling Rivalry post) laptop. It's called Scrat. . .It's a nice laptop. Anywhoo, I will be posting a little teaser for that story in the upcoming week. It has been a blast to write so far...I think I'll give you a summary of it:

There is a force known as the resides in dimension called Mass and through the Unseen dimension Chosen ones are linked mentally. In the small country of Tridale-High - who just happens to be at war with it's neighboring country, BTW - two teenagers, a boy and a girl are about to discover that they are of the Chosen ones. Together and with the blessing of their Queen - also a Chosen - they set off on an adventurous mission to find the Lost Caves where an ancient text has been hidden away for many, many years. This text explains the mystery of the Chosen/Unseen/Mass ...stuff. (I'm still working on this part, 'cause it won't take place for another hundred pages). The two teenagers are Terra Wright (Who I am naming the story after) and Taylor Gill Farethain (Poor kid)...Terra is the Queen's personal maid and Taylor is a foot soldier for the Royal Army. When they set out, they go with a really cool character named Ransom Ordinary...his parents didn't understand English that well when they named him - they had just come to the country. Okay, so far in the story Terra and Taylor do NOT get along AT ALL. . .but they will eventually...maybe even some romancie stuph. Not too much though, I don't like writing fluff. Angst is more my thing, and there will be lots of that in this story. I'm only on my first draft though so things could change pretty drastically by the time that I have it completely finished.

I spent this last week at my Grammie's house. She is soooooo awesome, but then again, so is my Grampa. My older brother is living with them at the moment as he prepares for training. Ooooh! I don't think that I told you wonderful people!!! Nat-han joined the National Guard! I am just so proud of him. =). =). =). I would join, but I'm not physically able. Too bad.

Okay, we have a major rain/hail/stormy-weather-thing that just appeared out of nowhere. So I am going to wrap this up incase I have to shut the computer down. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I was back. =). And give you a little taste of what my day has been like so far.