Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kathy - :D

Today I was feeling a little overwhelmed by things, but I didn't know that I was feeling that way. :P. I thought I was getting along just fine and then Kathy called - she's a good friend of mine - and I told her about all the things that had happened recently. LOL. And right away she said, "Okay, I'm coming over. You don't need to be alone right now". lol. And she did.

We didn't even really talk that much, she was just THERE and it's weird, but it did make me feel better. Today has been a great day and her prescence helped me to not feel quite so down. Hm. Had no idea that being around people was like that. WOW! Can't believe that just came out of my keyboard...hmmmm. Anyway, I think I'll make a point of getting out more and visiting my friends more often. ;). Maybe then I won't post so many *CRY* Posts. :P.


I'm at a restaurant eating my dinner - french fries, Mt. Dew and a Turkey sandwich. :D :D . It's good! I brought my laptop, obviously, and I'm going to try and get at least another thousand words done before I leave. The deadlines coming so fast!! I don't know if I'm going to have time to finish this novel in a day!!! NEEEK! :(.

I'll keep you all updated. ;). Later, World!!


TLC's said...

I'm glad that Kathy came and spent some time with you. It would be nice for you to get out! Have a good day! Will you be leaving for work at 11 am? catch you later!

Ebbtide said...

Yeppers. HEY! *Waves*. :D :D