Friday, September 7, 2007

Crochet and Other Hobbies

I haven't mentioned crochet in a few posts. I know that I showed you all of those really cool scarves that I made. :) Well, I'm making another one with a matching bag. It's soft and blue with little silver flecks in it. :) I love it! It's *Soo* soft...

I don't have it totally finished yet so I'm not going to put up pictures until I'm done with both of them.

My mom's been bugging me to make her some slippers so I am going to be working on that this next week.

Have I mentioned that she's having someone spend the night this weekend. *Ugh*. I think I'll stay in my room and be unsociable. We all no that so *Isn't* me. (Sarcasm in bucket loads there ;). I don't really like people coming all. lol. I cannot WAIT until I have my own house. Soon, soon. *Heavy sigh* Nat-han is so GREAT!!!!! *Happy SMILE!* :D. He said that I can move in with him until I get a job. Which is so great.

There is just NOTHING over here. There were three jobs that I could apply for, but I was passed over for more experienced people. *Pouts* So not fair. Right?? I should at least get a chance! Oh well.... the world keeps turning.

So, I don't know what I am going to do today. I did a LOT of cleaning yesterday and a lot of writing last night at, like, four in the a.m. lol. I write so much better late at night. :) My best and most work gets done after eleven. Not sure how good that is because it leaves me really tired, but I really want to finish these books!!

I've added a really evil character to the Mermaid Sister. Mwahaha-huh? Erm. Yeah. Evil.



Mel said...

That's not true! You like it when I come over!!! ;)

Ebbtide said...

So true...but I don't consider you "people". I consider you my BESTEST friend. Those are always okay! ;).